Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Procrastination is one of my better qualities

I'd blame school for not being consistent but school ended three weeks ago. So I'm not a consistent blogger; C'est la vie. As an apology, here's the rest of the New York trip in mostly cartoons:

Day 4- March 14th
Got up early and was nearly run over by two half-naked Japanese boys on the way to the bathroom. (ahh hostels)Spent a lovely morning walking around the Village. Was a little culture shocked to see everyone out walking their dogs instead of going to church.
Had the best cupcakes in the world at Magnolia Bakery and bought absinthe gumballs in Urban Outfitters. (Most common question- Do they have actual absinthe in them? Me- *shrug*)
Got a touch annoyed with postmodernism at the Whitney.
Note: The folks in this photo happen to be my drawing professor on the right & his daughter, Leigh of the amazing blog Marvelous Kiddo. Go check it out sometime.
Funny thing happened though. A man and his wife were discussing a piece, and the husband was explaining all the deep subtext of putting a fly in one corner. The wife simply blew on the painting and the fly buzzed away. That woman is my hero.Spent the night in.

Day 5- March 15th

Spent the morning shopping with my friends and, being a large girl, felt like an absolute cow trying on clothes. (Got a cute shirt on sale in H&M though. Booyah!)

I did have fun practicing my contact juggling in Urban Outfitters though.
We got to the airport that afternoon. I with the last of the group to get to the shuttle platform when I saw the train pull up. I am rather proud of my momma hen/drill sergeant moment where I got everyone in my group on the train.
We had several hours layover in Atlanta where we talked and looked around.
But one of my friends did not look and see the great big sign she ran into.

That's finally it for the NYC recap, and in other news, Oddford starts back tomorrow! (& I mean tomorrow this time!) It's back by popular demand, so stay tuned. :D

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