Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oddford 17: New Church Family

Having Oddford set down here in Mississippi I don't think would be as relatable to others elsewhere. So I'm putting Oddford somewhere in the South Carolina/Northern Georgia general area, which seems a little more neutral to me. Atlanta is the nearest metropolis I could think of.

Guide for those unaccustomed to church culture:

New members- In the Southern Baptist Churches I'm used to, whenever a family joins the church family, they are called to the front of the church after the sermon so the rest of the body can welcome them on their way out. I was about four when we joined our current church and still remember meeting everyone.

Personal backstories: The story of how a person comes to Christ is called their testimony. At my church, a person's testimony is told during their baptism, or as part of a service to give the sermon context. I put a testimony here, because A) We needed to know vital info about the characters' relationship with God & B) it's nice to know where a person stands when you meet them.

Missionary dating- A term used in youth groups to describe dating a non-Christian under the excuse of "I'll bring him/her to Christ by dating them" Term often used with the Scripture reference of "do not be yoked with an unbeliever". It is not reported to work well, as it is easier to pull a person down than pull them up.

Thanks for sitting through the churchyness. If you want my explanation for why Fae royalty is in church, look here: [link]

Sarah, Jareth, ect. (c) Jim Henson
Calria, Caleb, Oddford (c) me

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