Friday, April 23, 2010

Long Overdue NYC Recap: Day 3

Went to the Met.
(There was much squeeing over the Degas rooms.)
(and the arms/weaponry. Lots of weaponry. :D)
(Young Woman Drawing by Marie-Denise Villers. That's right, a chick in Neoclassical France. Atta girl!)

Got lost in the Met.

Several times.
Went through the rain to a vintage store recommended to us and found out it was not as price-friendly as our local vintage thrift store back home. Went through the rain to Times Square. Stood in the rain while the others got tickets. Got lost in the rain looking for a restaurant until we settled for a pizza place instead. Tried canoli in said pizza place and had a good laugh at George Michael on the television. Went through the rain back to the hostel. Narrowly avoided a case of trench foot from -well looky there- walking in the rain all day. Had a very funny, very art-geek conversation with part of the group. Turned in early.

Funniest part of the day:I am now Yoko. (Long story)

Surreal-est part of the day:Getting lost in Egypt looking for a restroom

Worst part of the day:Wind+Rain+Puddles+Converse= Miserable