Friday, August 12, 2011

Lessons from Labyrinth

A short review, more in the vein of where the show is going.

& Here's a bit extra, because we could.

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  1. So: I liked this. Don't hate me.

    In fact, liked this, and it made me laugh like a drain.

    You're just starting out, and you've got an interesting take on things; analytical but still funny (also what I shoot for, and it's working for you).

    Your biggest limitation at the moment isn't your scripting, which is solid, or your idea, which is neat.

    It's your production values.

    Because there's amateur and there's jarring. Nobody expects you to figure all of this out right away. My first few videos had jumpy sound, no sound from lower quality speakers, and a bunch of other, massively annoying things.

    Your video is fine. I get that the emo-victim was supposed to be poorly lit, but in almost all circumstances, brighter is better. What looks atmospheric in person looks fuzzy and unfocused on film.

    Your sound is all over the shop. It's clean, it's noisy, it's loud, it's's better in your Alan Moore review, but it's still jumpy.

    Anyway, like your stuff. Hope this helped.