Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hoop Skirts and Clockwork

So, around March of last year, I decided to buck up and be an Artist in the Jackson Southern Fried Comic-Con. Just one problem: I didn't know what to do. My roomie & anime convention veteran had an awesome gimmick- different characters as cats. Original, impressive, & adorable. I, however, do not have the drawing mastery of cute & cuddly animals she has. So we brainstormed & thought about it, & I finally got it.

I like movies/TVshows/anime. I like steampunk. I'm from the South. Let's throw it all together!

Introducing Steampunk Magnolias, a series of different characters put in the steampunk version of the Antebellum South.

I started with Batman's rogue's gallery
based on a costume I own for the most part. Need the red tights & shoes.

Someone called him the David Bowie Joker. I totally don't mind.

Moved to Final Fantasy VIIJust call him Confederoth

Some anime

WatchmenYes, that is a pickled squid. :3

& some fun movies.

See the rest of the series here. All Characters (c) their respective owners. Any ideas for the next batch?

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