Monday, July 27, 2009

Explanations and Side Notes

I suppose it would be normal for a person with a blog to update it more than once a month. I apologize for not being as exciting as I should be, but I have my excuses.
-I happen to be at home for the summer on my family's dial-up internet. Seeing anything is tedious and I like to surf.
-My mother limits my time on the computer. Cause apparently I'm supposed to get stuff done.
-All the fun, cool comics and drabbles I want to put up here are on my laptop, & it's a hassle to transfer.

So, the real fun starts when school does, I promise.

In another note, I was discussing with a friend on Deviantart about the upcoming Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. She had a very pessimistic view, I ver optimistic. The talk got me thinking. What makes a bad movie? Is it the cast or the director? Who's fault is it?

The truth is, no one faction can ruin a movie. From my experience with production companies, it takes a village to raise a film, and everyone is usually working their tails off. There's the story department, the producers and director, pre-procuction, the cast, the art department, the effects department, post-production, and even the music. Hundreds if not thousands of people pull together to make a film, and usually, it shows. If one or two of the departments check out, the other departments have the potential to make up for it. So if a movie is bad, it means around half of the different areas are slacking off. It's not always the wardrobe department's fault the actor is horrible, but that's how it works. So, a bad movie is like bad art. Not genuine enough, not passionate enough, just not enough.

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